Storage Solutions® Household Items can be used in any room where storage and organization is needed. Storage Solutions® consist of Stacking Shelves, Stacking Baskets, Shoe Storage, Kitchen Storage, Household Cubes, Drawer Organizers and Household Bins.  The stacking shelves and baskets both have a patented interlocking leg design that makes Storage Solutions® stand out above the rest.   
​~Storage Solutions® Stacking Shelves are available in several sizes ranging from small, medium and large as well as several design options including wire shelves, mesh shelves, flat wire shelves, and heavy duty shelves. Storage Solutions® Stacking Shelves have patented interlocking leg design. 
~Storage Solutions® Stacking Baskets come in several sizes and colors. The Stacking Baskets are available in plastic coated wires, canvas material and heavy-duty polypropylene. Storage Solutions® Stacking Baskets have patented interlocking leg design which allows several baskets to be stacked high to save floor space.  
~Storage Solutions® Household Cubes are available in heavy-duty polypropylene and wired cubes as well as various sizes. Household Cubes makes organizing a desk or room very easy. Smaller cubes made of heavy-duty polypropylene are available for corners or walls, sizes range from six to 13 inches. The wire 6 cube increases storage space in minutes with its easy, snap together assembly.  
~Storage Solutions® Drawer Organizers come in a fine mesh construction to hold the smallest of objects and has a super tough epoxy coating, a tapered wired mesh design with a plastic coated finish and a heavy duty plastic coating with a stacking design which allows space saving options.
​ ~Storage Solutions® Household Bins are made of heavy-duty polypropylenewhich comes in several different sizes and colors. Household storage bins work in conjunction with the large wire household cubes. These bins are translucent which allows for easy identification of contents, has finger holes for easy lifting and transporting.  Storage Solutions® Household Bins stores towels, sweaters, bulk items pet supplies and more.