Scrapbook Solutions by Storage Solutions® offers a wide variety of items to help keep your scrapbooking items organized and easy to find.  These scrapbook items have been divided into three categories:  Paper Storage, Craft & Hobby System and General Storage.  
~Scrapbook Solutions Paper Storage consists of several options of storing scrapbook paper. These options keep your scrapbook paper free from dust, damage from UV rays and becoming wrinkled or tore up. Scrapbook Solutions by Storage Solutions® offers simple paper storage items such as a simple hanging filing system all the way to a more elaborate storage cart with drawers.
~Scrapbook Solutions Craft & Hobby System is an expandable modular unit that can turn a simple desk into an elaborate craft & hobby station. Additional accessories are available to maximize storage including drawers, shelves and more. The Craft & Hobby System by Storage Solutions® is a great asset for any Crafter.
~Scrapbook Solutions General Storage items consist of even more organizational items for scrapbook and crafting enthusiasts. A few exciting items for storage are Storage Solutions® storage cubes. These cubes are offered in small sizes (six inches) to large cubes (16 inches) made of poly material or of wires. Both cube storage options are easy snap together assembly. Another storage option is the stacking shelves with a patented interlocking leg design. Photo organizers are an easy way to store photographs safe from damage. These albums are an item that anyone could use. They are acid free and hold over 2000 photographs.
Scrapbook Solutions by Storage Solutions® has so many options for the scrapbook and hobby enthusiasts that make organizing your hobby station so simple. Scrapbook Solutions by Storage Solutions® can help keep all crafting items all together in space saving organizational tools that are easy to assemble and protects them from damage.        

Make your craft & hobby station your own!