​Back To School shopping always includes paper, pencils, pens, folders and the list goes on and on. Back To School items also include things to help organize your locker. Students spend countless minutes each day at their locker so it would be better to have things organized with ease.  The locker is such a small space to fit books, binders, coats, purses, even clothes and shoes so sometimes it could get a bit messy. Storage Solutions® has many items to help ease the burden of an unorganized locker.   
~ Storage Solutions® unique locker shelves made with Storage Solutions® patented interlocking leg design makes locker organization an easy task to master.  These shelves come in two different sizes to fit any locker. They are an excellent addition to any school, gym or even office lockers.    
~ doesn't end there! Check out the locker baskets/bins; these handy dandy items have magnets so they stick right to the door. No need to worry about losing your pens or pencils, these bins helps keep them right at your fingertips. These baskets/bins are not only for pens or pencils you can store your calculator, glasses, or just about anything needed for day to day use at school. 
~ Ever find yourself looking for the lost note? No magnets are a sure way to keep them in your line of sight. 
~ Locker Mirrors are a great way to tame that "bad hair day"!!!! 
~ Did practice time change? Need to let your parents know? Don't fret; that's covered as well...get a Locker Dry Erase Board and you won't forget to let your parents know. 
~ Do you find yourself running late? Get a Locker Clock so you are always on time.  So as you can see...your locker can be organized at ease with Storage Solutions® Back To School Products.